Super moon, super fishing

This warm weather we’ve been having hasn’t disappointed and the lead up to the weekends super moon saw some amazing fishing. Still big numbers of kings patrolling in shallow, some of which are over the magic meter. Getting onto them is another story, boat side refusals and bust offs being a regular feature. 
The stingrays are happily patrolling the skinny water and don’t seem to mind the sun as much compared to the heat of Summer. Piper are in plague proportions and often the spray of fleeing fish is a good sign trouble is lurking. 

Snapper are still in force and are schooling in some really shallow water at times. The unmistakable blue glitter being a giveaway. Intermediate lines and a bit of an old school wet liners approach doing the trick with rabbit flies being preferred. 

All going well and provided a massive cold snap doesn’t ruin the party we’ll be seeing a good few weeks left yet. Bring it on. 

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