Way back in the day my Dad and his Dad would ply the waterways together, searching for the next willing fish to target. Either on the old launch or up a river in Taupo, fly rods in hand they made a formidable force. Their stories were passed down to my generation and will carry on, albeit with a few “adjustments”. The equipment may have changed hugely over this time but I still love opening the old big black tackle box and can’t help but wonder what other stories it holds.

I took great pleasure in whiling away the days fishing on the local wharf with my old man, there were knots to learn and fish to catch. It was a healthy outdoor Kiwi kids upbringing that I was fortunate to have been surrounded by. Eventually around my ninth Christmas I unwrapped a fly tying vise, this was met with looks of puzzlement. Shortly after reading the accompanying Hugh McDowells New Zealand Fly Tying book  I had bailed the household cat in the corner of the room and had my first materials.

Since then I have been fly fishing mad, the next pool and last cast mentality drilled into me on regular trips. These days more time has been spent chasing the many options of salt water species around the Bay of Plenty and surrounding areas. Head over to the blog page and keep up to play with my latest trips, reports and projects.

Pop wet lining – Taupo
Dad and I. Napier 1984
Dad and I. Napier 1984
The newest addition already lies about the size.