Karma saves the day

Finally managed to spy a gap from the rain and wind we have suffered over the last 5 weeks. When these roll around you pull a half day at work and get into it. 

Working some sheltered flats with a lot of life the VHF came to life – turns out I was close to a kite surfer in trouble. It’s hard to leave these situations but you would hope someone came to your need ASAP.  

After a pick up and drop off I got back to the fishing and back to a considerably more flooded flat. The next faithful early season flat seemed void until some movement caught my eye.

After pulling the hook first cast I eventually bagged my first “ray rider” for the season. It took a little patience shadowing the fish for a while but it paid off after it settled down again. 

After a few winter months missing this action it sure was a sweet moment. 

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